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The New 3D TV And Its Plethora Of Possibilities

We have been used to the 2 Dimensional (2D) TVs in the past few years, It is almost certain and imminent that the 3 Dimensional (3D) TV is set to come on board. The features of this TV can only be imagined and fantasised for now but its impact can be felt when applied to different facets. They

are billed to make use of technologies like stereoscopic displays (capturing stereo pairs in a two-view set-up) and multi-view (ability to watch something in more than one view).

The impact of a 3D TV to the medical profession will possibly be felt when it comes to scanning of injured or sick patients in the surgical ward. In terms of scanning, the result would be imagined to be more accurate than the 2D TV owing that the viewing will be done from three dimensions. Pregn

ant women would be anxious to know the sex of their child with the knowledge that their wombs will be scanned by a 3D TV. Surgery would be done a lot more accurately because the results of scans can be determined more aptly by the 3D TV.


The 3D TV will also be applicable to veterinary doctors and zoologists in the treatment of their animals as they're able to recognize the problems before the animals go under the knife. Engineers, physicists and other professions will get to benefit from the 3D TV because it gives better quality in terms of the dimensions for viewing.

The video gamers are also going to benefit from the incoming of the 3D TV. There's really nothing as compared to the fictional characters in your video games appearing as real as possible. After all, the beauty of a video game is the quality of the gaming characters. Certainly, video gaming just took another dimension (no pun intended).

Finally, another area where 3D TV would be most appreciated is in TV programming. It's quite difficult envisioning TV programmers creating 3D contents but many movie producers and directors are looking to plunge into 3D movies at the moment.










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