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How to Successfully Participate in DQfansurvey 

If you are a great lover of ice cream, then probably you have heard the name Dairy Queen or simply DQ. It is the treasured ice cream parlor and fast food chain in America which was established in the year 1940. It is still known for its excellent services and a wide variety of ice cream that it serves. Now they have been using the franchise system to expand their horizons and to serve more customers across the world. They have been serving across 6400 locations in 27 nations, of which the largest is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and the busiest is in Rosedale, Maryland.

DQ is known to maintain the loyalty of their customers and satisfying each customer is their specialty. In a bid to enhance the service quality and delivery, DQ has gone extra miles and launched a new survey portal where customers can share their experiences and get daily free Dilly Bar Prize which they can redeem in their next visit. is the survey portal where customers can share their experiences, give suggestions and earn rewards.

What is DQfansurvey?

DQfansurvey is the online review site where all the valued customers get the opportunity to express and share their opinion about the service delivery and products available at Dairy Queen. DQ is well versed with the fact that there is cut throat competition in the market and to stay ahead and active they need to make improvements in their service delivery and quality of products. So, to better understand the needs of the customers and serve them better, DQ has launched the survey portal where all customers are allowed to participate and fill the survey to win rewards.

With these surveys, DQ gets the chance to learn more about the customer and their experiences and serve them better in their next visit to the store. So, you need to take time to give feedback and in return you get rewards from the company. These rewards are in the form of discount code which you can redeem in your next visit to the restaurant across any location.

How to Complete DQfansurvey Successfully?

Participating in the survey and completing it successfully is not rocket science. There are few simple steps which you need to follow in order to complete the survey successfully and win rewards in return that you can redeem in your next purchase at the restaurant. Below you will come across with some steps that would help you to participate and complete the survey successfully.


The Full Package Of An IT Professional

Information Technology  or IT as it is fondly called is one of the highly sought after jobs around. However, it is a really broad subject and can be very exhausting. There are a number of skills and knowledge one must acquire if one is seeking to get to the pinnacle of his/her (IT isn’t a man’s job alone) career as an IT professional. You must go beyond learning just the basic technical skills. There is a difference between being a very good computer operator and being an IT professional.

Who Is An IT Professional?

IT professionals are existent in almost every company. This is because their job includes managing and maintaining the company’s computer network. Similarly, these IT experts can also work as consultants and this would mean offering more than the basics of IT. An IT expert is expected to enough about everything; from computer operations, to website management.

Taking Up IT As A Career-

Whether you’re looking to become a consultant or an highly placed professional, you must be ready to undergo the desired training. This goes beyond just being able to operate the computer. You must understand and be able to analyse the company’s network system and servers. Being an IT expert is obviously more advanced than just a computer operator. It requires having a variety of skills.

As an IT expert, you must be knowledgeable about the hardware (physical components) of any basic computer. You must be confident of its workings with no special consideration for a particular brand name. This implies that you must be vast and conversant with the hardware operations of any brand of computer you are faced with. You must also be inclined to the operations of other technological gadgets used in the company like smartphone devices and tablets.


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There is also the need to be updated about the latest computer software available. You must make researches on the latest malware which are able to harm the computer network. Get to know the antivirus software needed in protecting against them. You also need to be knowledgeable about the system drivers responsible for the different aspects of the computers.

Usually, IT professionals are given the job of creating and managing websites and its information. You must be familiar with the procedures of hosting and uploading information to the website. If need, you can undergo trainings on content management. They may also be asked to design newsletters to be sent to clients and customers. You must also get in-tune with cloud storage and servers to guide against data loss.

Information Technology is a very broad field and its professionals are hugely sought after and paid attractively. However, in pursuing it as a career, you must be prepared to get yourself the right and desired training. You must be willing to give that sacrifice because the rewards are bountiful.


How The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Has Helped In Making Life Better

The only constant thing in life is change and technology is an epitome of that. Year by year, decade by decade, generation by generation, technology has continued to advance. A look back into the last decade will let you into the progress modern technology has consistently made. Scientists and inventors have constantly broken barriers to ensure that life is made a tad easier than it was each time.

In the early 1990s, gadgets were very immobile, large and clunky. But these days, one’s whole life could easily be moved around without knowing. Those days, if you had to listen to music, you had to get the Walkman which could not fit into any pocket but these days, a full media player could be listened to and streamed online, fitting into your jean pockets without any hassle.

What is interesting about the advancement of technology is that it has been very gradual. Take for example, our Television sets and audio players. Years ago, our TV sets were very large and awkward. They never had remote controllers and their picture quality were simply basic; black and white. However, technological advancement has taken its course and we moved to heavy but coloured TVs, then to flat screen TVs with increased screen inches and now to LED TVs and Smart TVs where your TV can receive direct access to the internet. It has been an amazing turnaround that is often taken for granted.

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Same form of advancements with our audio players. Decades ago, we had huge Walkmans which then advanced into portable cassette players, to Compact Disc players to MP3 players and now on very sleek gadgets which can upload, fast-forward, pause and do so much with different songs. With the aid of those gadgets, we could now download those songs directly from the clouds via internet and then played offline.

Similar kinds of advancements have taken place across board and this has been made possible by inventors who were never complacent but always sought for ways in making life easier and more enjoyable for mankind.



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Paul Eisler created the first Printed Circuit Board (PCB) in the early 1900s which has now paved the way for continuous advancement in making our devices more functional and most importantly, smaller or lighter in size. We really cannot imagine how static life would have been were it not for these kinds of scientists.

Putting it in perspective, some of these geniuses experienced reject, discouragement and disappointments on their way to inventing these amazing devices but they were tenacious. We must be appreciative of them and their works especially the Printed Circuit Board which has served as the launch pad to the millions of inventions we now have as we insatiably continue to enjoy them.


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. It certainly does cost a lot because there has to be considerations for colour alignment and focus in maintaining a high standard but there are plans to get it done.

In fact, there are software in the works which are able to convert 2D videos to 3D images which can then be shown on 3D TVs.

In light of this, content and programming will help ensure that the 3D TV is a success because the quality of the content shown will only be mirrored by the TV. The TV is set for the market very soon and we can only hope that it comes out as fantasised in terms of compatibility.











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